Here we are!

Welcome to The Steeping Leaf! We’ve been waiting for this launch date for many months and now here we are! Not only will you be able to purchase our delectable tea blends, you will also be able to keep in touch with what’s going on here in Telluride and in our brains and hearts. We believe a company is its people and so far we are just a few fine ladies hand-blending small batches of herbs, spices and teas for your sipping pleasure. Here’s a primer of who we are and where we came from:


Meghann McCormick

Hi there! I’m Meghann and I moved to Colorado from New York in 2006 to pursue an MFA in writing & poetics at Naropa University. Naropa hinges on contemplative learning, mind-body connection, eastern teachings and holistic healing. This created a foundation for my launch into an entrepreneurial career in Telluride Colorado, just a few years later in 2010. In the interim years, I traveled the country as a sales rep for Autumn Teneyl Designs, where I discovered that sales were more about connecting with people and believing in what you present to the world, rather than finding an angle or a hook.

In Telluride, my partner Brian and I bought The Steaming Bean coffee shop and made the café into our own creative outlet for the community. I began building The Steeping Leaf tea line and brand that summer and developed my understanding of tea and people’s relationship with it. People love drinking and conversing – I love meeting friends and strangers over a cup of tea. I hope to share the conversation here and spread my love of tea and community in a meaningful way.

Find what you love, be a part of a creating it and bring it to the world to share.


Joanna Spindler

Born and raised in the mountains of Colorado, I’ve long been immersed in the joy & healing that comes from nature. As a tiny kid, I liked to pretend I was making tinctures and medicines from blooms and roots (I can still summon the atrocious rotten-flower flavor of some of the awful brews I insisted on slurping down.) When I was 9, I visited a tea factory in Boulder and decided then and there that someday I would be a tea maker: it was the most magical profession I could imagine!

My passion for tea has further organically evolved from studying literature, my outdoors-steeped lifestyle, and an apprenticeship with an aromatherapist. I feel like creating tea is relatable to writing a poem, going on an adventure, or creating an aromatherapeutic blend. Also influential, the mountain life of Telluride has opened up the world of foraging wild herbs and botanicals and the wonders of wildcrafting. (Right now I have a giant jar of rose hips in my cupboard from a sun-soaked autumn afternoon of hiking and gathering.) Working with Meghann, whom I consider the Maven of Tea, has been an aromatic, creative, and rewarding experience.

I feel that the blending of tea … its timed steeping, its fragrant steam … is an invitation to share. To take a moment to enjoy, to converse face-to-face or to meditate, and to appreciate. I love to hear stories from customers about teas they have given to friends or lovers or family that proved to be the perfect gift. I love knowing that our teas are going out to heal, soothe, energize, and bring enjoyment to friends all across the country. Please sip with joy and know that I love creating each and every ounce!

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