• About Us

  • Welcome to the Steeping Leaf

    We were founded in 2010 to fill the need for unique teas in the lively mountain town of Telluride, Colorado.

    From its roots as tea supplier to our first coffee-and-teahouse, the Steeping Leaf has expanded to provide teas to a number of coffee and tea shops, apothecaries and wellness spaces across the West. In 2015, our website was launched, creating an online storefront where tea lovers can order from anywhere in the world.

    We have established a peachy customer base who appreciate our quality organic tea sourcing, delicious creative tea blends, and classic tea favorites. We’re inspired by the communal elements of tea sharing that bring humans together. We’re a lady-run small business, operating from Telluride, bringing tea to our region and beyond!

    The Big Idea

    In a nutshell, we aim to create an approachable medium for ritual in a busy world, herbal healing and stimulation for the body, and social change with conscious business practice- through tea.

    The Steeping Leaf is built around the belief that teatime can be a beautiful, ritual part of the day. That may mean a sacred moment of deep enjoyment over a pot of calming tea and meditation. It may also mean gratefully downing some quick caffeine before an early morning climb or a busy workday. Either way, having a cup o’ tea fills the innate human desire for positive habit, for ritual.

    Also, we’re lifelong lovers of herbal healing, aromatherapy, and the innate energy of plants- which can feel a bit esoteric for some. Yet, even the most earthbound of pragmatists can comfortably enjoy the invigorating and healing capacities of herbs by drinking tea.

    And finally, we think that if you want to see change in the world, you have to make that sh*t happen by creating that reality. That’s why we run a small business based on practices we believe make the world a better place.